I started to write a gratitude journal that points out not just what I am grateful for but, why I should be grateful. Here’s a peak at my current list:

My Mental Health

  • Ok, so I am tired of being on two anti-depressants but, it’s not forever and I will get out of this rut cause I am grateful for my resilience.

My Physical Health

  • After ignoring the signs for weeks that I might need to see a dermatologist, I finally went and got a biopsy for skin cancer in the middle of my forehead and it is benign!

My Job

  • Although I have job burnout, I am grateful that I have a job in an economy that finds people jobless.

My Friends

  • Even though my friends are mostly out of state, I am grateful to have them a phone call away and that they always manage to pick up my calls.

My Spirituality

  • I might struggle with meditating and continue to work toward building a relationship with God, I belong to a nice gym that has a sweet steam room where I can take that time to reflect and practice mindfulness.

A gratitude journal is a great practice if it works for you. Maybe next time you sit down to reflect you can think not just about what you’re grateful for but why you are grateful. What are you are grateful for today and why?