People snoop, especially when they are in a relationship that lacks trust. I’ve been in that position in the past and hope to never be at the mercy of someone’s iPhone blowing up in the middle of the night, and wonder who the heck is calling my man? Am I going to go through his phone tomorrow and see the missed calls and see the number and then what?

In the digital age it is hard to hide things. And I am not just talking about someone that may be cheating on you and you can easily search emails or phone calls or whatever, but maybe you are married to someone that has shopping habit that buys a ton of stuff online that is breaking the bank, and although he or she says she is not purchasing anything and destroys any evidence by clearing their web history, there is one simple hint that a person does not have control over.

Online advertisements.

I bought a pair of shoes online recently and immediately I had ads for shoes all over other websites. Imagine a guy is addicted to porn and swears off of it and you see his computer screen opened to ads related to porn. He could erase his history but that won’t stop ads popping out related to porn. You can easily find out what your mate is up to just by seeing what ads show up on sites. And it really makes me not want to shop online cause how long am I going to get advertisements across the board for shoes. So I shop for some Bose speakers and yup, ads for the latest speakers surface on other websites that I surf.

So, if you find yourself wondering what your partner is up to, next time take a look at the ads that pop up on his or her computer. You might be surprised by what you find.

Photo by Andy Morffew