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Why I Went Stag To My Senior Prom

I cannot tell you how grateful I was to go stag to my senior prom. Why? Cause my junior prom was a disaster. I had a huge crush on my date, who was a friend of mine that I started hooking up with weeks prior to the prom, and on the way to the prom made a point to tell him not to hook up with a certain girl who had a history of stealing my dates.

Of course that blew up in my face. The prom went fine, it was the after party that was trouble. It was at a swanky hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Our class had booked three rooms and people would move around room to room partying. I was in one of the rooms away from my date for a while and when I returned it was all dark. Some classmates were over in the corner and I was like why are all the lights off? It was at that moment I looked down to see my date making out with that same girl right there on the floor in the middle of the party. Everyone was silent. It was a scene.  Words were exchanged that were not pretty, but at the end of the blow out I stormed out.

After that incident I vowed that if I went to my senior prom I would go stag, and I did, and it was great. The only downfall to my senior prom was one of my Christian theories of love class had a task where we had to carry around an egg for a week to learn what it’s like to have a baby. I chose to carry around a watermelon to make it more real. So we all had to take our eggs or dolls or whatever people decided to use to mock a baby to the prom.

Teachers were chaperons so it wasn’t until the after party that I could ditch my watermelon. I put it in the back seat of my car and the next morning, when I walked up the driveway to my parent’s house, I was balancing the watermelon on my arm, while holding my heels, and it rolled off and hit the brick steps. It proceeded to roll down the steps smashing open one step at a time. Tragic.

So instead of replacing it with another watermelon I showed up to class the next day with a new honey dew melon. So I didn’t get an A, but I did have a ball going alone to my prom.

So if you don’t have a date?  Don’t sweat it cause you might just be better off going alone. Go Staggers!

Why I Went Stag To My Senior Prom

Erica Loberg

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