I’m turning 40 on Sunday, and am curious about menopause. It says the ages are 45-55 years old but I’d rather get an idea now cause you never know when it will happen.

Here are some symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Low mood or anxiety
  • Reduced sex drive (libido)
  • Problems with memory and concentration

I read the list and smiled. Yes! I’ve already experienced some of these symptoms for the majority of my life due to my illness so, I will be prepared!

Difficulty sleeping – CHECK

  • Insomnia is hypo manic’s middle name, and I’ve dealt with it my whole life.

Night sweats – CHECK

  • I forget what medication I was on but a few years ago I took a medication that gave me horrible night sweats. I stopped taking it but at least I know what’s up. Sleep with a towel and you’re good.

Low mood or anxiety – CHECK

  •  I have a mood disorder that is rooted in anxiety so got that covered.

Reduced sex drive – CHECK

  • When I am on a medication that lowers my sex drive I know how it feels to lose my libido.

The rest of them I am not familiar with but, it makes me happy to know that I have had a lifetime of handling a mental illness that carries similar symptoms, so to some degree I already have training wheels in place so that’s good.

Welcome 40! When it’s time time for the big M, I’ll be better then ready, or more so then most!