My 20 Psych Resolutions for 2015

Most people make New Year’s resolutions. I tend not to, but this year my resolution is to make resolutions. Here are my 20 Psych Resolutions for 2015:

  1. Don’t tamper with my meds
  2. If I self-medicate,

“The Doctor’s Note” Depression and your job

shutterstock_159284885I don’t know why they say, “Go to your doctor.” I’ve been in a hole the past week and need a doctors note to justify my absence at work which really isn’t happening and shows the stupidity of the modern age to expect someone with a mental illness to make it a doctor for a note.


Meditation: The Rosary in the Sauna

shutterstock_126043553Meditation is hard. It takes discipline, time, and regularity. It takes a lot. I have always struggled with meditating. Even with my mood stabilizer, I’ve always had rushed thoughts that have made it hard for me to sit down,