15 Reasons Why Women Have Sex With Their Ex

shutterstock_188213378A lot of us have been there. Breaking up is hard, and sometimes we lose sight of the reasons why we broke up to begin with.  Here is a list of 15 reasons women have sex with their Ex:

  1. Loneliness: You find it hard to be alone
  2. Nostalgia: You miss the good old days
  3. Arrogance: You look good,

Bill Maher on Depression Part I

shutterstock_103803260On a recent episode of the Charlie Rose show, featuring the comedian Bill Maher, Rose starts a conversation about how we’ve had two comedians die this past month (Robin Williams and Joan Rivers) and opens up a dialogue on depression:

Robin certainly I think that was a shock I think to everybody,


Joan Rivers & Addiction

shutterstock_129701255One of America’s greatest comedians, Joan Rivers, died recently. She began as a standup comedian in New York City in 1965 which parleyed into a vast arena of show business achievements.