shutterstock_158393051Depression rears its ugly head in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes our depression isn’t obvious. You don’t have to be stuck in bed for days to be considered depressed. Unfortunately we don’t always know we are in a quasi depression until it’s over, and we look back and recall the signs that we might have missed. Hind sight is always 20/20 but if you pay attention to slight changes in your behavior you might be able to better manage your mental health.

I was quasi depressed about a year ago. The quasi depression was written all over my body. I found myself wearing the same clothes everyday: torn jeans with a rotation of the same shirt just in different colors. I stopped keeping up with personal maintenance like waxing my eyebrows or plucking unwanted hairs. I was still getting out of bed and going to work every morning but I was miserable. I became isolative at work cause I didn’t want to deal with anyone and quite frankly, I felt like my poor co-workers were putting up with me cause they knew I suffered from depression, and just assumed eventually I would get out of it. Something as small as not washing your car or being anxious about picking up your phone are all signs of being in a quasi depression. I’d watch the same stupid shows over and over that I didn’t realize was a sign of depression until I got out of it and stopped watching them. I’m embarassed to admit I was hooked on junk food reality television and would never watch some of the shows that I repeatedly watched during that period of time in my life. You don’t have to stay in bed all day to be considered depressed. And in my experience being quasi depressed is almost worse cause, like I said, you don’t realize it occurred until you’re out of it and you can look back and say wow, that was a form of depression. In my experience quasi depression is worse than a full blown one, primarily cause when it is not blatantly obvious, we might not know how to treat it properly.

Be mindful of the little signs of being slightly depressed. Depression hurts but it can hurt more if you don’t even know you are in it, and looking back is no fun bu,t at the very least, you’ll know to watch for signs should you find yourself in a quasi depression sometime down the line.

Depressed woman image available from Shutterstock.