yellow_dressIn modern times, our form of communication has changed to the point where we have time to construct an email or, due to the fact that emailing and texting are so easy and readily available, we tend to shoot things off without really giving it deep seated thought.  Email and texting has affected our brains in a way that we might not fully realize.  When we over think things and dissect our words, communication boils down to diction, timing, little games here and there; which is fine.  Unless you over think it to the point where you drive yourself mad.


Send an email

Wait for an email

Check here

Or there

Once an hour

Or day

Every two days

Then get a highlighted


Popped out on the scene

You respond

As slow as possible

After time spent



Or saving a draft.


Or you take it

In the time

You get it

And send whatever enters your mind

At that time

And place

Here or there.


Then fear sets in a

After sending

A rash email

Too late

To delete

And you end up  

Checking your inbox

To see if there was

A response

When there will be a response

Will you get a response?


Modern day communication can be exhausting

Despite the convenience it seems to entail.



Woman texting image available from Shutterstock.