flagArian Huffington of the Huffington Post published her most recent article “Sunday Roundup” which discusses the recent shooting in Kenya and writes:

“Another mass shooting — the 16th since Newtown in December”… “Yes, we need better background checks and mental health screening.”

Mental health screening?  What?  How does that work exactly?  I have no answer to that question it’s that ridiculous. So when someone goes to buy a gun they have to go to a psychiatrist to be screened and clear them?  Or, there is a system put in place where you type a person’s name into a database to see if they’ve been hospitalized for psych services?  Both highly not cost efficient, and a total waste of an opportunity to educate.

Let’s start with mental health education.  Let’s stop the gun control debate and wake up and smell the restraints and the fumes that penetrate the air of a psych ward where the mentally ill are left to live in a confined space pumped with drugs with zero education of their own condition, let alone the publics understanding of what constitutes a mental illness.

Scary.  We are that behind in grappling with the reality of mental health awareness.

“Mental health screenings,” yeah, THAT’S the answer. Before you drop such buzz words at the very least back them up with an explantation of what that means and a plan to execute it.  We’ve had 16 mass shootings since Newton in December, and we’re still not addressing the giant pill of mental health education and awareness?


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