obeseAmerica’s Not the Fattest Country Anymore?  Yeah!?

But what does that mean?  Recently Mexico gained top spot as the world’s fattest nation. The report found that 32.8 percent of Mexican adults are now obese, which just edges out the 31.8 percent obesity rate listed for Americans.  However, with so many Mexicans crossing the border into the states, we have to put some blame on America, right?

There are multiple views and opinions as to why obesity is on the rise and how to manage what is considered an epidemic. I am going to discuss three points of contention surrounding this matter: Education, money, and who is responsible for this growing epidemic.

If Mexican’s are the fattest, does that mean they’re more ignorant to healthy living?  Or, is their seat in the social economic class point to a lower income which results in purchasing cheaper foods filled with preservatives because not everyone can afford to be organic.

I live in downtown Los Angeles and work in East Los Angeles where Mexicans are the majority.  I witness first hand heavy women walking around with hefty children on their way to becoming obese, and I have to ask myself, why is this the case?  Do Mexicans tend to have more children that they can’t afford to feed properly? If Mexicans were to pull back on having multiple children is that going to make a difference?

Maybe. If ignorance about health stems from a lack of money to provide a healthy diet, doesn’t that mean we should consider having fewer children?

Most people get hyper sensitive when addressing this topic, but, having firsthand knowledge of Mexican women carrying loads of overweight children on their back means there has to be a correlation to the number of children people have, and how that can result in an increase in obesity. If you can’t afford to feed your children properly, stop having them.

Any race that can’t afford children might mean more obesity on the rise. So, maybe it’s time to take a look at the correlation of having too many kids and the rise of obesity.

On the flip side, Japan and Korea are considered the thinnest people in the world.  Japan coming in first with only 2.9% of its population being obese, yet, they have a slightly higher population then Mexico (Japan coming in at 127,320,000 and Mexico coming in at 117,409,830).  So what does that mean?  The immigrants from Mexico that cross the border to the states might point a finger at America being the problem.

So, is America to blame for the obesity of Mexicans that come to America? With all the dynamics that surround this problematical issue, there has to be some accountability.  I’m not saying we should “blame” a county for causing a rise of obesity, but when you say that Mexico comes in first, and Mexicans crossing the border on the rise, who is really causing the problem?

It’s a complicated beast, but who is really responsible for the fat?  

Each individual person that puts food in their mouth.  Children are not to blame, their parents are the problem.  Each and everyone of us  has a choice to make when we open our mouths.  Stop blaming a lack of education, or a lack of access to healthy foods, or money…blah blah blah.  Start with yourself.  Get your face out of the feed bag. Seriously.

Obese woman image available from Shutterstock.