annoyingdateWe all have our pet peeves, some worse than others. But, there is such a thing as common courtesy that sometimes isn’t common among people.

Here are 7 things that can be considered not common courtesy:

1. Leaving the toilet paper empty: One sheet left on the roll isn’t going to cut it so, don’t be a person that leaves the next person that goes to the bathroom up shit creek, literally! Replace it when it’s down to the last few sheets, ok.

2. Double Parking: Don’t take up two slots when you park.   It’s annoying, especially when you have trouble finding parking and you finally find a slot, and then realize it’s already taken by another car that takes two. No bueno.

3. Blocking the sidewalk: The sidewalk was more or less made for two people, not four.  That’s why there is a line down the middle.  If you are with friends, don’t walk in a horizontal line.  It blocks other pedestrians so be aware off your space, and others that need to pass by you.

4. Borrow things without telling people:  It is great to share your belongings with your loved ones, but, it can be annoying when you take something without asking.  Make sure you respect your friend or family member that lets you borrow their car, just make sure they don’t need it so ask before you take it for a ride. And, don’t return it with an empty tank. Not cool.

5. Texting: This one goes both ways.  Looking over the shoulder of someone that is on their phone is annoying.  Sometimes we are in the company of someone whose phone is blowing up with texts and you become annoyed or curious so sneak a peek.  Don’t.  It’s an invasion of privacy, but, having said that, it’s also irritating to be in the presence of someone that constantly gets a flurry of texts.  Turn it off already.

6. Chewing Ice: I do it, and I know it’s annoying for some people like nails on a chalkboard so have made an effort to stop. Do it in the privacy of your own home, ok 🙂

7. Withholding information: There are big lies and white lies, but, for some people, withholding information may be considered a form of lying, which can be very irritating.  Think about why you are withholding information and you might find yourself walking a thin lie.

Remember, common courtesy goes hand in hand with common sense.

Annoying date image available from Shutterstock.