1. Money – How much money do you have in your savings account?  How long can you make ends meet with your current checking, and savings account balances? Are you prepared to cut back if need be?
  2. Cutting Back – What can you cut out of your expenses?  Close your Netflicks account?  Hulu? Drop your gym membership and take your workout outside?  Are you going to brown bag lunch it? Are you going to walk, not drive, to save money on gas? Think about what you cannot live without, and realize you might have to adjust should you quit your job, and find yourself with no income for awhile. Awhile can get scary after awhile.
  3. Connections – How many connections do you have that you can utilize when you look for a new job?  Make a list of your contacts and evaluate how they might be of assistance in your search for employment. If you’ve been out of touch with employers from you past, you might want to think about searching them out for references and openings.  Keep the ball rolling by giving the ball to someone from your contacts that can help you run with it. Sometimes it’s just a phone call or email away to change your job.  And you do have people out there ready to lend a hand.
  4. Emotions – How are you going to feel the day you wake up without a job?  What are you going to do that day?  You may find yourself without a net and the world at your fingertips, which is fine, as long as you stay on track.

You don’t want treacherous times turn to treacherous ways..


Treacherous times

Turns to treacherous ways.

Like thinking too hard

Sleeping too long

And lost through life.

Like an unknown bug on a sticky rose branch.

Walking on the beach image available from Shutterstock.