letgocrpdA lot of people suffer from not being able to let things go.  Whether it is a mistake we made, or a situation that didn’t go our way, our mental state and ability to not let things go can impede our ability to move forward, and free ourselves from circumstances outside of your sphere of control.  Why do we do this? And how do we stop?

Here are 3 things to consider next time you can’t seem to let things go:

1. Obsessing – Obsessing over something that is out of your control is a waste of your time and energy.  Try and differentiate what is in your control, and what it not.  Once you acknowledge something out of your control, ask yourself “What can I do about it now?”  Literally speak those words out loud to yourself will help you move forward, and not get caught up in obsessing over something you can’t do anything about. 

So stop.

2. Getting Your Way – You can’t always win. Sometimes we come across a situation that is built on our principles or how we believe things should be, or what we think is right.  The world is not always going to see it your way, so adamantly trying to prove your point, even if you think you are 100% right, is not going to get you anywhere other than into a frustrated state. Don’t get mad, don’t lose sight of your convictions, but, don’t let your need to get your way drive you crazy. 

Let it go.

3. Breathe – Sometimes our frustrations physically affect our mind, and our body.  We can feel suffocated, angry, and annoyed, which can result in stress, panic, headaches, diarrhea, or an upset stomach.  When you start to experience physical effects due to your inability to let something go, you need to stop.  Your body falling apart is a sign that you have become way too overwhelmed with a situation that you can’t control so stop.

It’s not helping.

When it comes to letting things go, sometimes you lose sight of the fact that you actually are in control of letting yourself not be the problem. Don’t be your own problem.  You will feel such mental freedom, and physical well-being, once you come to the understanding that things will be outside of your control and that’s okay.  It only becomes not okay with it drives you mad, and you are the problem of you.

Chill alright.

Letting go image available from Shutterstock