depressedcrpdDepression can be so overwhelming that sometimes it seems too hard, too big, and too much to deal with, so much that we lose sight of little things we can do to reduce depression that go a long way.

Here are 4 simple things to consider doing when depression seems too much to handle:

1. Make Your Bed – Make a point to make your bed every morning. Looking at a disheveled bed throughout your day is, quite frankly, sad. Getting back into an unmade bed at the end of your day is a reminder off the cyclical nature of depression. Break the habit of leaving your bed unkempt, and no matter when you manage to get up and out of your bed, turn around and put it back together.

2. Dressing for the Store – When you run errands and you are out visible in the world, try and ditch the sweats. When I went through a depression, I used to walk to my local grocery store in my old go-to depression clothes and, quite honestly, looked like s**t.  I felt people looking at me and looking away.  It was as though depression was contagious, and it only made me more isolative and alone. When we are depressed, we tend to have a depression uniform that we wear.  Don’t let your clothes be a depression outfit. You might not care what you look like, but, you will feel a wave of negativity when you find yourself in a public place, and are met with unnecessary looks from people that have no idea what you’re going through. People can be rude.  Don’t give them the opportunity to feed your depression.

3. Wash Your Car – A lot of us commute to work, and spend a fair amount of time in our cars. Depression can be dirty. Take your car to the car wash and treat yourself to a fresh clean car. Don’t spend time in a mobile dirty hole. You’re going to have to make errands, why not drive in style.

4. Open Your Windows – Depression can be suffocating. A light breeze and some sun will refresh your mind, and help you breath. Throw open those curtains or shades and let your room breathe.  It helps.

Depression manifests itself in all shades of gray, but, little things to help curb your dark mood can go a long way. Longer then you think. Did you make your bed this morning?

Depressed man photo available from Shutterstock