funbustercrpdSometimes we can’t all get along, which can be tough when you find yourself in a social situation where there is a Fun buster around. Rotten apples tend to affect healthy ones, so when you find yourself at a party, or on a double date, or any social event with a Fun buster, know you can do your best to manage the awkwardness that often accompanies a Fun buster.

Here are some tips to consider when you are stuck with a Fun buster:

  1. Issues – Don’t let someone else’s drama become your problem. We all have issues, and Fun busters tend to make their issues your issues, so, don’t let them ruin your good time.
  2. Laugh – Keep it light. You don’t want a Fun buster to affect your mood and bring you down, so, keep your cool and use your positive attutide to counter a negative one.
  3. Separate – When you find yourself in a social setting with a Fun buster, feel free to create some boundaries and separate yourself.  There are other people to surround yourself with, so, gravitate toward positive energy.
  4. Honesty – Often times we don’t want to deal with a Fun buster.  They can come across as intimidating and can dominate the crowd.  You can either go with the flow, or not.  Being straight up with a Fun buster can put the kibosh on a bad vibe, so choose your words carefully and don’t feel the need to have to get along. 

Fun busters, Party Fouls, and Rotten Apples. We don’t all get along, and trying to manage a Fun buster in a social situation can be tough, but, if you consider the tips above, next time you find yourself with a Fun buster, remember, you don’t need their bad time to become your bad time.

Girlfriends photo available from Shutterstock