brokenheartcrpdBreaking up is hard, getting dumped might be worse, however, there are some ways to make it light on the heart, and not so grim.  Sounds frivolous, but some simple things can take the heat off, and allow you a starting place to make some changes, and begin the process of starting over.

Here are 7 minor things you can do to jump start a broken heart:

  1. Change your sheets – aka toss the ones you slept in with your partner. You don’t have to get rid of your bed, just the sheets for starters.
  2. Take a day trip – get out of your environment for a weekend and take a trip to a place you used to go to before you were a couple.  Coming across places in your local environment that you both shared makes it hard on the heart, so nurture yourself and splurge with a short trip out of town experience.
  3. Visit the pet store – it is a proven fact that animals help with depression and loneliness.  However, adopting an animal is a serious commitment that might be a knee jerk reaction to being dumped, so make it less extreme and visit your local pet shop.  Play with the bunnies, or new litter of puppies. Buy yourself a simple pet that is easy to manage like a gold fish. A Chinese fighter fish might help temper your anger.
  4. Get a foot massage – you might be taking some long walks to clear your head, so, pamper your feet and give them some foot therapy.
  5. Make your favorite dish – your diet might be effected by your break-up, so instead of potentially starving yourself due to a loss of appetite, or overeating to fill a void, go to the store and buy healthy foods that are ready to go in your refrigerator.  Make yourself your favorite foods, and enrich your taste buds.
  6. Clean out your desk – we all have a junk drawer, or a desk with some drawers with papers and “things” from years ago.  Sometimes after a break-up we jump head on into hard core cleaning and it becomes overwhelming and may have a negative effect.  Take it easy on yourself, and take on one or two drawers that need attention.
  7. Buy a fun book – when you get dumped, some people go straight to the self-help section. You don’t have to do this.  You can buy something light and easy or even something thick like a history book to take your mind off of things.

The fall out of getting dumped can be hard, but, if you try one or all of the suggestions mentioned above, you will feel better.  So you’ve been dumped, so be it, next!

Broken heart photo available from Shutterstock