tunnelcrpdThere are times in our lives when we lose sight of our spirituality. We lose our connection to a greater power, or feel a disconnect with ourselves.  When we fall off the positive track of our life, we are met with challenges that breed strength and with courage, we can rise above it and make our way back to ourselves, back to our higher being.  It requires loving yourself and having faith you’ll make your way out of a dark place, and back to your positive spiritual self.

I wrote this poem years ago when I was off my path.  It’s good to remind myself of those times, and be grateful for where I am now. If you are struggling with your demons, know there is a positive force ready to take charge and help you find your way home. 



It speaks

From the core of your spirit

That you spent a lifetime to nurture with God.

Where is he now?

I hear a strong voice that swims in bad

It is not God

It is not good

But it’s all I hear.


I am better than that

But it’s all I know

So I listen.


Sometimes rational thought loses to a negative voice

Both live within yet, doing the right thing is never easy

Especially when it comes from a moral code that’s lost

Where is that lifelong hard work I did to walk with God now…?


What is that dark voice that has taken over my decisions?

What makes be choose self-destructive habits?

It is easy to adhere to its needs

Because it makes me feel better, temporarily

As it slowly kills my real spirit.


Good and bad is human

Knowledge lives in hearing the self speak

And knowing that good and bad exist inside

It can’t be escaped.


Only known.


When we know what we’re capable of, what is dark, what challenges we will meet

Then we are ready

The light spirit rises above

Ready to burn out

The black.


And you find your way home.

Tunnel photo available from Shutterstock