eruptioncrpdWhether you are struggling in your job, in your relationship with your mate, or friendship with your brother, we all try to manage our struggles in life.  But, sometimes we think we let things go, but we don’t.  We harbor bad feelings and tiny irritabilities along the way can turn into a full-blown explosion.

Here are tips to consider to avoid blowing your top:

What’s a bad day? – Am I having a bad day, or a bad life?

When a bad day becomes a bad week then turns into a bad month, we need to step back and take a good look.  If months turn into a year you are heading toward a blow-up.  Keep track of your bad days and when they turn into weeks take a good long hard look at your life and why it’s bad.  When you do that, you may recognize a pattern.  Little things set you off in your day, and your week.  Know what they are and find a way to problem solve so a day doesn’t turn into a year and results in a snap.

Communicate – I put up with it…why?

Often times we “put up” with things that irk us.  Why are you putting up with it?  It’s only a temporary mental solution that is inevitably going to fail.  Putting up will put you out.  Stop putting up with things you don’t need to, and communicate with the person or situation in your life that causes you to do so.

Waiting for the rumble – It’s not that bad, right?

Wrong. Sometimes we are living in a lull and it’s not bad enough to do anything about it, but, it’s not getting better.  Don’t wait for the rumble of a storm to approach before you take care of business.  Your blow up will be bad.  Know that.  It can only be tempered with acute attention and awareness to your life.

Blowing up usually has terrible consequences.  Don’t let your life become a bad consequence because of your lack of effort.  You know the signs of a storm.  You know yourself, so you owe it to yourself to take time to understand what sets you off, even if it’s minor.  Minor becomes major fast.  Remember that.


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