negativethoughtscrpdEven if we are depressed, anxious, moody, or any other difficult feeling we experience, it is important to keep in mind that your mind is a powerful source of strength.  Recently I was at my psychiatrist and admitted I had been in a dark place, negative, a complainer, and finally realized that I am not going to get anywhere in life with that attitude.  Like my father used to say when I was in a bad mood as a child, “Someone needs an attitude adjustment!”  This can be hard when we struggle with negative thinking, however, it is possible.

Here are some steps to consider adjusting your attitude:

Step One – Recognize your negative moments.  Admit to yourself you have negatively that can be curbed. How do you do that?

Step Two – When a negative thought crosses your mind, accept it, acknowledge it, and find a way to use the power of positive thinking to adjust your feelings.  Think of something positive about your life. Think of something you are thankful for and let that replace your bad thoughts.

Step Three – It is easy to let negative thinking result in complaining.  Whether big or small, before you open your mouth to make a complaint, stop.  You have control over your mouth, so don’t let your bad thoughts spill out onto your environment.

Step Four – Be mindful of people around you.  No one wants a complainer on their hands, and it only feeds more negativity to your life, and your environment.  It can isolate you from your peers when really you want to lean on your support group.  Respect your peers, and catch yourself before you open your mouth and say something unnecessary.  Find a positive thought and verbalize it.  Compliment your friends. You’ll find others being positively affected by your affirmation and, as a result, more positive energy will come your way.

Step Five – Optimism is a choice.  Know you have the power to turn a frown upside down.  You are in control of what you say so know that you have the power to make that attitude adjustment a reality.

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