wakingupcrpdThere’s an old saying “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” which might be the worst thing someone can say to you when you actually do wake up moody.  So how do we manage our bad mood when we wake up unhappy?

Here are some tips to help get out of your bad mood and make yourself happy by lunch:

  1. Eat – Even if you are not a breakfast person, take a bite out of something in the fridge that makes you happy.  So you don’t eat donuts, donuts are off limits, not today!! Give yourself a treat and stop by your local donut shop before heading to work.  One day is not going to kill you ok.  
  2. Clothes – Pick a fun accessory out of your closet that gives you some spunk; a cool tie, or colorful scarf.  Try something new.  When’s the last time you wore a hat?
  3. Music – Music is a God sent when you wake up feeling off.  Go into your iTunes and click on your “Top 25 Most Played” songs.  You can’t go wrong with your favorite tunes so mix up your morning with some music that puts a skip in your step.
  4. Co-Workers – Every office has a clown, or someone that has the potential to put a smile on your face.  March straight up to your savior and spend five minutes chit chatting.  You might find yourself laughing off your bad mood.  Laughter is key to making your way to a happy lunch.
  5. Take a Break – Sometimes we need a break from our job.  Go outside and take in some fresh air.  Air to the brain will refresh your mind and help work your way out of your funk.
  6. Lunch – Now you’ve made it to lunch. It is time to let your morning go and head toward a happy afternoon. You made it through your morning, you’ve managed your mood, and now it’s time to smile.

So I’m not a morning person sometimes, so what.  It’s not going to stop me from making my way through a happy rest of the day. I can deal with it one tip at a time!

Woman sitting on the bed photo available from Shutterstock