jumpingropecrpdSummer’s just around the corner and will be here before you know it.  Start preparing for your spectacular summer body now.  Here are a some simple things you can do to get yourself ready for summer:

1. Jump Rope – I once saw Naomi Campbell on the Oprah Winfrey Show and she said jump roping is a great way to keep your face slim.  Makes sense.  You’re jumping up and down and your cheeks get a great work out.  And guess what, I’ve tried it, it works.  Go to your local sports shop and get yourself a jump rope.  It’s a quick easy way to get a workout on your face.

2. Sit on a Ball at Work – Sounds crazy but, again, I’ve tried it.  I once worked with a woman that told me her father worked for NASA and sits on an exercise ball at work all day long.  He ditched the chair, and by doing so, he was able to lose weight in his stomach.  The idea is you are forced to sit up and not sit back on a chair so your mid-section gets a work out all day and you can burn fat while you work.  It’s also good for your back and helps you work on your posture. Who cares if you look ridiculous at work.  Once you start seeing results, you’ll find others jumping on the bandwagon.

3. Dumbbells at commercial breaks – Get yourself a set of dumbbells.  It’s a great way to get a work out on your arms and, let’s face it, arms are hard to slim down.  So, when you sit down to enjoy an episode of your favorite show, make it a habit to pick up your dumbbell during commercial breaks.  You have two minutes to squeeze in a work out and it’s better than taking a trip to the fridge.  A few sets of weights per arm on your commercial breaks helps.

4. Take the stairs – Whether you are at work, or home, taking the stairs versus an elevator is a great way to incrementally lose weight.  One step at a time, little by little, you’re making your way toward a healthier self. You don’t have to run up the stairs.  Go at a pace you feel comfortable, and get into the habit of ditching the vader, and taking the stairs.

5. Soda – There have been a lot of articles recently on the dangers of soda.  Whether you drink diet or regular, both will carry weight that you don’t need.  Cut your intake in half. Congratulations if you don’t even drink soda, but, for those of you that do, if you drink four a day, cut it down to two.  When you have managed to do that, you can try cutting back to one.  You have to start somewhere, so just be aware of your daily intake of soda, and adjust accordingly.

There are a lot of books and programs about losing weight that are pricey.  You don’t need to empty your pocket book to get results.  Try some of the tips listed above and  take charge of your summer weight, now!

Jumping rope photo available from Shutterstock