sexydresscrpdWomen need masturbation just as much as men do.  However, as a female, we are met with challenges that some men will never know, or understand.

Your religion, your upbringing, your fears, your sexual experiences, multiple factors play into your relationship with your body, and your mind.  So let’s talk about what we need, and what works.


Masturbation is a combination of physical and mental stimulation.  Often times, the mental aspects of masturbation get lost with the mind wandering down channels that impede our ability to make it happen.  Here’s what you can do:

Pay attention to what you think and how you feel. Mental space is crucial to understanding masturbation and allowing it to thrive.  Our culture shows men looking through porn magazines to get it on, but we’re females, we don’t always get turned on my the same stimulants as men do, so, find what imagery makes you comfortable and ready to explore yourself, and enjoy yourself.

Get comfortable, feel sexy, whatever sexy is to you.  Whatever environment works for you, because in masturbation, it is an intimate relationship with yourself that doesn’t need any limitations or settings for success. It is your mind, and your pleasures will follow your mind set, so be aware of how your mental state works or relates to your bodily desires.


Get tools.  It’s hard to do it on your own so if you need assistance, go to your local sex shop, or talk with your friends about their methods of masturbation. As women it is crucial to have an open dialogue about masturbation, and, if you don’t feel comfortable with that discussion, challenge yourself to go there.

Get naked, or not.  You might not know what turns you onto yourself, so experiment in being naked or clothed when you go to masturbate.  You know what turns you on, and if you don’t, take chances.  Try something different.  Whether it is a vibrator, or a shower, you will know what works for you, it just takes you opening yourself up to avenues that will make you comfortable with yourself.

Bottom line: You have to commit to yourself.  You have to let yourself be comfortable with yourself and love yourself.  Physically, emotionally and mentally.  Like I said, the mental blocks can cause strife or impede your ability to enjoy yourself so it is your job to acknowledge these barriers, overcome them, and give yourself what you deserve.


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