policecrpdWithout getting too tangled in the web of issues that have come to fruition during Christopher Dorner’s showdown, I’d like to point out a personal story.  Whistleblowing has and will always play a factor in the ongoing dialogue surrounding this tragedy.  Here is a true story to share:

I am a woman currently living in downtown Los Angeles.  Ten months ago my neighbor was blasting NWA’s “F*** the Police” and LAPD rushed the building looking for the source.  I was playing my own music, Guns n Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” when cops banged on my door, pulled out their guns, rushed my apartment, locked themselves in my place while they did a search for what? Bose Speakers! The source of their rampage was a civilian playing rap music that they found offensive.

I filled a formal complaint cause, quite frankly, I was traumatized.  I have never had a gun pointed at my face or my personals rampaged.  It took months for LAPD to respond to my claim and only recently, a week ago to be exact, did I finally connect with the department to follow up on my claim.  They did their protocol response to a complaint and conducted an interview of the event to which most questions I could not answer cause: A. It was ten months ago, and B: When you are in shock your memory gets blurred. I become another file in a complaint folder.

Case in point, why did it take ten months for them to respond, why did they pull guns on me for playing music, why did they lock themselves in my place leaving me on watch outside?  Why? Cause they can, and they do

The masses need to know what’s up.  Whistleblowers need not be traumatized.

Whistleblowing – When I published a tell all book on wrong doings in acute inpatient psych wards in Los Angeles County I was punished BIGTIME.  Disciplined beyond repair, stuffed in a dead end job in the basement of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) headquarters.  Not okay.

Trauma – Mr. Dorner suffered trauma that manifested itself in his Manifesto that has resulted in this tragic circumstance.  How do we avoid a similar situation in the future when we lack mental health services for people that suffer trauma, or witness wrong doings and get punished for coming forth in the law force?


Policeman photo available from Shutterstock