pushing gayThere seems to be two types of gay persons in the gay movement: Pushing gay and being gay.

I was watching an episode of “The United States of Tara” on Netflix recently and there was an episode with a story line about Tara’s son, who is discovering his homosexuality, and the “gay crowd” in school was pressuring him to come out and be gay.  When I say gay I am referring to the universal stereotypical attributes of a gay person. They pick at his clothes and make him believe he has to be part of their crowd and be a certain way: Their stereotypical gay way.  This is not good.  On multiple levels.

The new generation finds itself in a gayer friendly world, but some of them are getting pressure from their homosexual peers to live up to a mission of equality that they might not want to be a part of, or associated with.  They find themselves struggling to find their own identity sans being pigeon held in a movement or group.

I am all for gay rights, get married, have children, but I think in the long run you’re missing the boat on your methods for acquiring equality.  There are gay teenagers out there that are scared to come out.  Not cause their heterosexual peers will judge them, but because their homosexual peers will.

It’s not only hurting the younger generation of homosexuals to come, it’s working against your cause because you’re aggravating those that support gay rights to begin with, so stop pushing an agenda that can live freely on its own.  If you want equality, stop ostracizing yourselves to the point where you separate yourself from the crowd to make your own crowd and in doing so, hinder your ability to be an individual.

Learn from the feminist movement.  They pushed equality and now chivalry is dead and guess what, we’re not all created equal.  Thank God.  When you obsess over your mission and make yourself overly heard you are causing a reverse effect.  You want equal rights but your adamant in your face approach only results in reversing your cause while losing future homosexual compadres.

Like I said, there are two types of gays: Those that push and those that are just being. Just being a human being.  Race, faith, politics, sex…all these labels get compartmentalized in order to support a cause when really if everyone was just the individual that they are, we’d find a better way to make changes without resistance.

Adolescents these days are stuck with gay imposed labels that impede their ability to just be.  And it’s their homosexual elders that finally have a political or pop culture platform, that have a responsibility to the younger generation to allow them to be whoever or whatever they want.  Some kids want to just be without a title or an obligation to wear a rainbow badge.

When you push being gay you’re not only ostracizing yourself, you’re pressing and bullying other gay individuals to acclimate and join a movement that might not be their path. It not only divides your sex, it causes a rippling effect that defeats the purpose of your cause.  You might find yourself at a place where the heterosexual pro gay rights people are over your in your face, everything goes back to gay, culture.

If you stop pushing gay and let individuals, homosexual or not, decide their own fate and views on this sensitive controversial issue, you might just find yourself with a whole lot of leeway and more openness to get what you want, and deserve.

Like I said, gay or not, just be.

Gay victory sign photo available from Shutterstock