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Archives for January, 2013

Bipolar II

Anxiety in Sleep Habits – Am I Gonna Work Out or Not?!

As a Bipolar II individual, I know I will always have poor sleep behaviors.  Recently, I’ve developed a pattern that exacerbates this ongoing reality:  Working Out.

Every night I set my alarm to 6:00 am.  Somewhere around 1 am I wake up and start to stress over whether or not I am actually going to get up and work out.  I find myself what I call, float sleeping, where I am kinda...
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Bipolar II

Self-Diagnosis & Miss-Diagnosis: A Cautionary Tale

Some people diagnose themselves before they get professional psychiatric help.  I did, and society influenced my “self-diagnosis.”  Just like PE class for children’s physical health awareness, it is crucial to teach mental health diagnosis in schools instead of using buzz words like ADHD and jumping on a bandwagon that might not be yours.  I thought I was ADHD because I didn’t know there was such a thing as Bipolar II – Chronic Hypo Mania.  Big...
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Coping Skills

“So You’re From LA.” – Mental Meltdown City

I had a lot of mental breakdowns when I used to work in the entertainment industry.  Recently, I fell across a poem I wrote and thought I would share it with you.   


So you're from LA

I see that look of


On your face

That can mean so many things…

LA is for people

Who watch TMZ

And laugh at

The meltdown

Of Charlie Sheen



Is for agents that

Bark in your ear

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Coping Skills

How Far Will You Go to Hold Onto Your Job?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend that told me she has fallen into a depression because of her job.  She finds herself in an unhealthy work environment that she’s never previously experienced before in her life, and puts up with situations she can’t believe she tolerates. I ask myself, why is this the case, and what does this mean for the future of how the culture of the work force operates?

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