lesbians on TVYes, Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian and has her own talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Rosie O’Donnell came out as a lesbian during her stint as a talk show host on The Rosie O’Donnell Show as well. Both shows feature real women who embrace their sexuality and thankfully represent a side of homosexuality that doesn’t get too much coverage in modern day television.

The ABC series Modern Family has won best comedy show two years in a row.  NBC came out with their version of a Modern Family this season with its comedy series The New Normal. Both shows feature a gay couple raising a child.  Both those gay couples are men.

This bares the question, where are all the lesbians?  Does our culture automatically think of gay as male, hence, networks represent the gay community but only the gay male community?  Are there more gay men walking around than gay women? Or, do gay women tend to stay in the closet more so than gay men?

I first thought of this when I lived in West Hollywood, a predominately gay community that seemed to have men center stage.  I began to wonder if homosexuality is inherited does that mean throughout history there were more male homosexuals versus female homosexuals so the number of homosexuals in our society mathematically would fall to the male side of the spectrum.

I am not sure. I wonder if in time more women will come out of the closet and walk the streets of WeHo.  I wonder if there is a correlation between those percentages that disallow homosexual women to have proper representation on television.

Entertainment vehicles like film and television always want to have their finger on the pulse ofAmerica.  As more and more rights are awarded to the homosexual community the story lines will more likely acclimate to those trends.  Having said that, when will the lesbians get their voice in scripted television and why don’t they have equal representation in television now?  Is it genetics that dictate percentages or, are there bias toward male homosexuals that seem to dominate the industry and swing toward cultural tendencies?

Like I said, I am not sure.  Where do you weigh in?

Lesbian moms photo available from Shutterstock