holiday party survivalEvery holiday season I find myself becoming more and more isolative.  And every holiday I know it is coming and do my best to manage it. 

Sometimes the challenge is to force myself to go to the holiday parties with a happy face and find a way to get through it.  You can’t miss Thanksgiving dinner, and even if you don’t want to go, you don’t want people to think you are depressed or not doing well.  When you are the person in the family with a mental illness, every now and then you feel the pressure to appear fine, when really inside you are not fine.  So, here are a few tips on how to handle those dreaded Holiday Parties:

The Holiday Party Survival Guide

Whether it is an office party or family function sometimes you have to force yourself to go to be politically correct or to avoid being a red flag and appear like you are in a depressed state.  Try and make things easy on yourself.  Here goes…

1. Clothes

Find your Christmas outfit and wear it over and over if you want.  You don’t have to buy a dress for every occasion so keep it simple and make it easy on yourself and select your holiday “uniform” so to speak and stick to it.  And make it fit okay.  We all eat, maybe over eat, during the holidays so find an outfit that allows you to breath cause nothings worse then going to your go to gown and it doesn’t zip up.  That’s enough for depression right there!

2. Hair

Bad hair day? Holiday parties are great for accessories.  Wear a fun hat or some sparkly jewelry.  Who cares if you look like a Christmas tree all ornamented out. At least your depressed hair that hasn’t had a shower in a long time is covered up!

3. Gifts

If you can’t handle the idea of going Christmas shopping pull out a pen and write the host of the party a letter.  You don’t have to face that mall mob so take time to think about what other gifts you can make at home that come straight from the heart.  Besides, some of the gifts given to a host of a party might be a  re-gift anyway so, look at it this way, you can be original!


Even with medication, sometimes we can’t help the seasons causing us to fall into a depression.  So when I prepare for my depression season and know I have to buck up and attend events, I may not want to attend, I keep to my survival guidelines which all have one main denominator crucial and necessary to survive: 


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