office romanceDon’t dip your pen in the company ink?  A well known cautionary tale to warn people not to engage in an office romance, however, there are a lot of people having office romances that turn into long term healthy relationships.  But we also hear or experience the horror stories as well.

So, where do you weigh in on the does and don’t of engaging in an office romance.  Some points to consider…  

Reasons not to partake in an office romance

1. The One Night Stand

Bad idea. Many situations result in a one night stand, for example, an office party or happy hour with your co-workers. Once you go outside the work setting you are likely to engage in more social behaviors that can get you in trouble; especially when there is alcohol involved.  Alcohol will always impair ones judgment regardless of the situation so when it comes to deciding to have a one night stand with a co-worker make sure you make that decision with sobriety

2. Dating

This can also go bad.  You have a few dates and it doesn’t work out so you have to go back to being just co-workers which can be awkward; especially if real feelings are involved.  You might also have a chronic office dater that goes from co-worker to co-worker which can be hurtful and put you in the scandal boat.  And if people run around hiding their romance you may also put yourself in a clueless situation which can go sour should you happen to find out what’s really going on.

3. Other co-workers

Office space is gossip space.  If you partake in an office romance do you hide it, lie about it, or deny it?  If you decide to keep it a secret you put yourself in a deceitful situation where other co-workers may lose trust or respect for you should you get caught.  So if you choose to go the secretly route know that there are consequences for that decision.

4. Personal space

Some people need their personal space and when you work together you don’t have a choice; especially when you are at odds with your partner.  You can’t avoid them if you are in the cubicle next to them or run into them in the kitchen while heating up your lunch.  When you mix business with pleasure the dynamics of your social life with your office mate may be thrown off.  You may feel claustrophobic from spending too much time with your partner and end up regretting your decision.

Reasons to partake in an office romance

1. Compatibility

You may be more inclined to meet someone with similar interests or intelligence in a common work environment. Meeting someone with an equal intelligence level may be more readily available through a co-worker at work. You might lose out on a potential healthy relationship should you let the fact that you are co-workers stand in the way.

2. Stress Release

Sometimes work can be stressful and having a partner to share your stress with that understands your immediate environment can be helpful.

3. Excitement

Sometimes we don’t want to get out of bed and go to work, but, if you are happy in an office romance it may help you motivate to go to work.  It’s something to look forward to and bring excitement to your day.

Now, have you engaged in an office romance that turned out successful?  Or have you entertained one that went south?

 Thumbs up or thumbs down on partaking in an office romance…

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