find a jobOur recent political debates focused heavily on the economy aka jobs.  There are some jobs that are out there, but some of us aren’t that great at finding them, or applying for them.

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves not where to find a job but how to find a job. Here are some tactics to consider in your efforts to solidify employment:

1. Resumes

You can’t have just one resume; you must have several resumes.  Some unemployed people are searching for work and are not getting any headway so are forced to look outside of their field of interest, or even their field of expertise. If you find yourself searching for jobs in different fields, make sure your resume fits the job description you are applying for, and modify it to fit that job accordingly.   

2. Cover Letters

Again, have several cover letters.  Usually a job opportunity will publish a detailed description of what they are looking for.  Read it carefully and find a way to incorporate their needs into your cover letter.  For example, if they are looking for someone with great communication skills write that you have excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Give them what they want but find a way to creatively restate what they say to fit their requirements.  

3. Social Networking

There is an old saying that it’s not what you know it’s who you know.  There is some truth to that statement and in modern times it seems to be more so a reality then in the past. So do we facebook everyone we know asking them for leads for work? Do we go to social functions in hopes that we casually meet someone that will know someone that can lead you to a job?  Yes.  All forms of social networking, whether online or in person, are necessary in your attempts to find work.  You may not be the best social person but when times are tough you have to step it up and step outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. 

4. Direct Contact

When trying to find a job, sometimes the internet can seem like a waste of time; especially when you spend hours making your resume and cover letter and uploading it to your selected position and get nothing; no calls, no interviews, nada. It can cause you to feel hopeless when you find yourself sending electronic resumes all over the place and seeking out websites like career builder, or monster, or even contacting websites of companies directly that you want to work for. And, if you are someone that sits at your computer making countless resumes tailored to a particular position this can be beyond frustrating. So, shake it up.  Try another approach. For example, walk into a business and personally hand-deliver your resume.  Find out who the human resources person is or the owner or the go-to person and make direct contact.  The internet can be a great tool for researching jobs and it makes it easy to apply for a job with a simple click of a button but, a plethora of people are doing the same thing you are so you might consider a more direct approach so you can stand out from the masses. 

5. Attitude

Trying to find work entails stress, frustration, and sometimes failure.  Be ready to experience upsetting emotions cause it is hard.  It is hard to find work when you feel like you are spinning your wheels every time you try try try and get nowhere. But, do your best to be positive.  Know when to take a break from endless searches and applications.  Your mental health is bad when you are desperate for work, and can’t find anything, but sometimes it can get worse when you are desperate and don’t know HOW to find anything. 

So think about the best ways to execute your plan of attack and do it.  Do it all cause at this point, whatever you’re doing is probably not working.  If you find yourself in a vicious cycle of getting nowhere then get out.  Execute a different plan from whatever it is that you are doing now.

In this day and age when we talk about the economy we need to rethink the problem. Maybe the problem is not just that we lack jobs in this economy, maybe we lack the tools necessary to find a job or the know how to obtain one.

Bottom line: Examine your tools and rethink your approaches and you will get somewhere.

Job seeker photo available from Shutterstock