technology divideI went to the CAL/UCLA football game over the weekend.  I sat in the stands in the end zone by a bunch of other Bruin fans and witnessed what is unfortunately all too common in our age.

Teenage brats fueled by a hollow sense of intelligence from knowing the bare essentials of technology, which causes entitlement behaviors that parleys into them thinking they have all the answers.  They are at the forefront of technology and how to use it so, does that give them a right to disrespect their elders?

Back to the game, there were three pretty girls ranging from twelve to sixteen years of age standing together waiting to get their picture taken from their Iphones by their Mom:

“God, mom.. you don’t know how to do it?  Just press the button!”

That is one of many scenes, on a minor scale, that I have witnessed in public.  God knows what kind of disrespect brews on the inside.  We are living in a culture that is fueling a divide between the knowledge of an older generation to teach the younger generation cause technology has taken such a grip on society that we are losing our chance to learn from those before they had “apps” on their computer in a phone box.

Back in the day if a kid were to disrespect their parents in the stands of a game they might get a well deserved whooping.  Now?  Three spoiled girls mouth off at their Mother and she doesn’t have the tools to respond.  Parents that aren’t up to par on technology feel inept.  They become insecure and that self-disappointment causes them NOT to check their children. The parent ends up feeling bad; lost, confused, hard on themselves, when really that kid needs a reality check on respect.  The parents don’t need to be met with an immediate gratification child nation that wants the picture NOW and GOD why can’t you do it NOW.  This is not okay.

And, it happens all the time.  We live in a generation that doesn’t know how to respect their elder’s cause they’ve been given tools, like an ipad, that a grandparent probably paid for and won’t understand.  There is a patronizing tone that has been established and it is time for the younger generation to wake up.  You’re brash comments, disrespectable roll of the eye, and whatever else you have the balls to bring to the table has slim legs.  Your elders know way more than how to click here or upload there.

There is an immediate feeling of insecurity and fear that occurs when one is met with a computer or phone or something technologically sound that causes some older generations to withdraw.  They become childlike and scared to admit they don’t know how to use it, click here, not there.  And if they do say I don’t get this they are often times met with some bull^$^& from a child.

Kids need to wake up, and so do the parents.  You’re kids have no place in society disrespecting anyone that doesn’t know how to use the latest technology.  And once we set the tone that the older generation gets ostracized or labeled as not just “not with it” but stupid, ignorant or useless, we lose out big-time.

Without the knowledge from our elders we have no compass to continue through life in the now.  People say history repeats itself.  What if the history of our lives is lost cause kids balk at our elders who don’t like keys jumping up in their face when they send a text message on an ipad.

Enough is enough.  You younger generation take note.  You know NOTHING and are going NOWHERE when you disrespect your parents or elders that aren’t in your immediate gratification realm that is only going to turn around and bite you in the a**.

And it will.  If there is one thing we can learn about technology.  It’s always evolving and at some point you’ll be on the other end of the camera. What button do I press?  Ah.. sucker, that may just be you.  I wrote technology is evolving; it may also be re-inventing more so than we realize so, your elders might end up having the last laugh.

And they will.

Girl with cell phone photo available from Shutterstock