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Archives for August, 2012

Bipolar I

Anxiety: The Devil

Facebook, texting, twitter and emails are all the devil to people that are drunk, impulsive or anxious.

Anxious is probably the worst, period.

I get a rage in my insides to respond or write something that I know I won’t mean the next day or after that hangover or after that manic episode, by then and it's too late. Any electronic viral beast is just that: A beast.  Hide your equipment when you’ve...
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Truth Be Told, PLEASE

My book, "Inside the Insane," caused a scene in Los Angeles County when it first came out.  I was immediately escorted out of my job at the hospital and served papers which said I was under investigation for publishing my book and conducting myself...
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Coping Skills

Don’t Be Mad At Me: The Reality of the Female Psyche Today

Women cannot have it all.  This is a fact.  In many ways the feminist movement bit women 'cause we rallied for equality when, simply put, men and women are not equal.

The “modern woman” is faced with a double-edged sword.  We need to have a career to land a man than once we’re married, we’re supposed to drop everything and have a family.  Women spend thousands of dollars ensuring they are marketable...
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Bipolar I

Bipolar II Sense of Time – Slow Motion

I’ll never forget the first time I took medication and woke up.  It was 6:00AM.  I jumped in my car and immediately drove to my best friend’s house in the hills.  I exploded into her room, fueled by excitement that I had never experienced straight out of bed in the morning.  Ever.

“I woke up normal.”

My friend rose from her heavy sleep and smiled. “That’s awesome.”

“No, really, is this how people wake up?  Like, rested?”

“Yeah!  I...
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Bipolar I

Bipolar II – A Manic IN Depression

It has been my experience that when you’re hypo-manic, you really don’t get depressed -- at least not the kind of depression Bipolar I individuals may experience.

But, it has also been my experience that in a heightened state of mania there is a depression in the eye of the storm.

Before I got help I was a whirling Tasmanian devil.  I was on fire, reckless, self destructive and flat out wild.  Looking back...
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Bipolar II: “I’m OUTTA Here”

“I’m outta here.”

And that’s what I would do.  When I was out with my friends at some party, bar, anywhere. When I heard the voice in my head saying I’m outta here, I was out.  And I’m not one of the “oh goodbye see you soon," or, "good seeing you,”  blah, blah.

“Just tell us next time you bolt. I worry.”  My best friend was serious.

“Don’t worry.  I’m sorry. Sometimes I...
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