President Trump & Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissism is a highly prevalent buzz word in the psych world this year.

For several months now, many articles have been written about narcissists.  It makes me wonder if it is about educating people about a behavioral disorder that people might not be familiar with, or, are people just following a trend when they talk about narcissism.

I think this all started with President Trump. Many people tried to understand his narcissistic behavior, and find ways to explain his narcissism to the public.

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Coping Skills

Why I’m Grateful Gratitude Journal

I started to write a gratitude journal that points out not just what I am grateful for but, why I should be grateful. Here’s a peak at my current list:

My Mental Health

Ok, so I am tired of being on two anti-depressants but, it’s not forever and I will get out of this rut cause I am grateful for my resilience.

My Physical Health

After ignoring the signs for weeks that I might need to see...
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Bipolar II

How Rap Allowed Me To Sleep

When I was in fifth grade I got my first cassette tape, Run DMC Raising Hell.  I would listen to it on my headphone before going to bed.  Back then I didn't know that music was a useful tool to calm my brain. After years of my childhood suffering from insomnia, somehow the music gave me solace.  Interestingly enough, it wasn’t some soothing calm music that got me through a sleepless night, it...
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Erica’s First Therapy Session

I had my first therapy session when I was 18-years-old. It didn’t go so well and when I left I vowed that I would never go back again. I know it takes time and effort to find the right therapist and wish I could have told myself back then what I know now.
“Ms. Loberg?” The receptionist had to blare out my name in front of everyone waiting.

“Ah, yes, right here.” I...
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Are You Fearful & Fearless?

I recently was thinking about the bizarre relationship with being fearful and fearless both at the same time, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

I have a new book coming out and it might be the most provocative book that I have written to date. It’s a collection of poetry written from a male’s perspective and is described as the following:

What Women Should Know About Men is a jaw dropping book of poems manifesting the intricacies...
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