Dealing With Sexual Rejection

I was having dinner with an ex-boyfriend the other day, and  I found him making sexual advances toward me, which I rejected, and he flat out took off. Angry, frustrated, displeased, feeling rejected.

Wait, what? Ok, let's set the stage.

When we were friends with privileges...


6 Hidden Addictions

Addiction is a heavy word, and most of us think of additions like drinking, cigarette smoking, opioids list is long, but, you can be addicted to hidden addictions that are just as toxic to the brain, and self as those known studied ones.

When you take a look at your habitual hidden additions, you might find a need to step back and examine your lifestyle.  Here are some habitual hidden additions that I endure, and...


How’s Your Sex Drive?

It can be on the list of things to ask when you have to gage how a patient is doing.  You talk about habits like sleeping, how many hours are you getting etc?  "How often are you going to the gym?" I don't do the whole count your steps or sleep app thing so, that answer is always a mess cause it depends on so many factors on a daily basis, I don't have...


Rosanne & Trump & Tweets

As quoted in the Boston Herald Rosanne Barr said, "I'm bipolar and have ADHD and multiple-personality disorder." Ok, at least she admits it, but, a few terrible tweets, and she's out of ABC and tons of people lost their jobs as a result. I spent...


1 Word To Beat A Sociopath

It's not necessarily about winning or losing, but, when it comes to trying to cope with a sociopath, I have found one word that has the potential to get to them:
I know by definition sociopaths don't feel empathy, or have a fully formed conscious, but,...

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