Bullying & Sports

Bullying is an epidemic that occurs across all boards of civilization. It rears it's ugly face in the corporate world, politics, religion, classrooms and, on the playing field.

I chose to share a personal story about bullying and sports, cause if you are a victim...


Jussie Smollett = Greed

I was watching The View on ABC this week, and there was a heated discussion on the recent attack surrounding Jussie Smollett, which was primarily rooted in a discussion on race, and the LGBTQ community. However, one of the hosts, Megan McCain, had a different...


Sociopaths and The Mean Girl

There's this new series on Hulu called Into the Dark. One of the episodes called, "New Year, New Life" is about this group of four women that were "besties" in high school that reunite years later for a New Years Eve. I don't want...


Debt & Dating

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I was thinking about dating and getting back out there, and read about how finances play a role when it comes to the dating world. Not surprisingly, a person's debt might limit your dating opportunities.

According to a survey...