Co-Dependency and Caregivers

I've said I once, and I'll say it again and again: sometimes caregivers pass before the people they are taking care of. Seems counter productive but, when a caregiver has a co-dependent relationship with their loved one, they can become so consumed by taking care of their loved one, that they neglect their own self care. Caregivers can become overwhelmed and when they become co-dependent, and they can lack insight into their own mental health. They can focus so much on their loved...


8 Rules to Help Alleviate Being Lonely

"Young people are far more likely than senior citizens to report being lonely and in poor health, a surprising survey of 20,000 Americans released Tuesday shows." (USA Today.) So, according to a study put out by Cigna, Millennials and Generation X'ers are really lonely.

And I am one of...

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