Idle Time & Burn Out

The Dutch call it 'niksen' which is a term to describe doing nothing. In other words, not worrying about being productive, or eating healthy, or meditating, basically embracing boredom.  I love this idea, for now, and think there is a positive take away from...


Free Britney & Conservatorship

Conservatorship can be a contentious topic and, for the most part, I've always leaned toward not conserving someone unless it is absolutely necessary and now, I want to buy a "Free Britney" t-shirt. Brittney Spears is currently being hospitalized in a facility in Los Angeles. People are...


Let Go, Or Be Dragged

Letting go of things is a practice that requires self awareness, discipline and stamina. It's a combination of obsessing, ruminating, and regretting.

Whether it's a poor relationship, or a bad experience that turns into an ongoing memory that creeps in every now and again, the...


The 40’s

I'm turning 42-years-old in a couple weeks, and I went to see my doctor recently cause my hands hurt. I used to have trouble with my right hand cause my mouse was too small so I had an ergonomics person come fix my desk and...