Social Distancing From Your Friends

As we head into Fourth of July Holiday weekend there are going to be BBQ's and gatherings and it brings attention to the debate over social distancing. There has been a lot of discussions and controversy over people who wear masks, or people who...


Separation Anxiety and Your Pet

Some of us are heading back to the workplace, and I've had discussions with people about their fears of returning to their job and one topic that has come up on more than one occasion is what about peoples pets? When you think about what your pet might be thinking during this transitional period, conversations may go through your mind like this:

"Don't leave me Where are you When are you coming 'm ...


Can I Park On The Sidewalk?

I have battled this question for years ever since I bought a Vespa, and it's still not clear to me if I'm allowed to park on the sidewalk where bicycles are designated to park, or not. I see bike messengers on scooters park there, so depending on the circumstances, I'll also park there if it's for a short period of time.

Yesterday, I went to pick up a salad wrap and drove up onto the sidewalk...


Experiencing Trauma in Modern Times

As I continue to practice positive thinking and gratitude during these challenging times, I've recently realized the havoc surrounding my environment is weighing on me in ways that I may have been suppressing.

It all started last week on Friday night. I was woken up by helicopters circling my neighborhood, and loud sirens from fire engines and police cars on the street, and the next morning I walked outside to find my neighborhood destroyed. As a...


It Is A Time For Gratitude

A number of people have asked me what it's like to shelter at home alone. I've given it some thought, and after weeks of this experience, I've come to the conclusion that it's a time for gratitude.

Often when I walk down the street I...