Bipolar II

Subtle Signs of Depression

A handful of times recently I have gone to bed without showering. This never, ever, happens.

I'm not a clean freak or anything but at the very least, I usually make sure my feet are clean before entering my sheets, but lately, that is not...


I Won Part III

It took some work, and research, but I found out I could go to the probate filling department at Superior court in Downtown Los Angeles to file my objections to my Mothers conservator.

Quick recap: My mother was conserved by a crook through the probate...


I Won Part II

It's not exactly buyers remorse cause I didn't buy anything but, I don't feel good about the decision I made to agree in the mediation to fire the temporary conservator, and choose one of the suggestions from my mom's conservator.

It will be a week...


I Won

I won, but it doesn't feel like a win. The mediation took the entire day. The judge and court appointed attorney were bouncing back and forth from my room to the other room. I had no idea it would be this taxing and toxic...


Soft Signs From Above

Timing can be everything.  I received a message via Facebook over the weekend from my mother's college roommate that said the following:

I am once again experiencing a lot of difficulty in trying to reach your mother...