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Be Amazed By Your Child’s Existence Today


Today has been hard. Not for me, but for one of the families around me. They lost a baby halfway through their pregnancy today.

Halfway, guys. That’s a baby no matter how you look at it.

That’s a baby who has hair and fingernails and is the size of an eggplant. That’s a baby who’s been kicking hard enough for the mom to feel it. That’s a baby who has already learned to swallow inside its mother’s womb.

That mother is going to have to deliver a stillborn baby tonight—a baby whose hair and fingernails she’ll see and touch—and there’s nothing anyone can do to help her.

I am so incredibly, wholly, eternally grateful for my children today. I’m grateful for their health and their vitality and their cute little faces.

I’m grateful for their existence.

So many readers of this blog have children (or grandchildren, or students, or friends) who have ADHD. They come to this blog to find advice on how to be better caregivers, to find comfort and unity with other parents of ADHD children, to find some a sense of direction in their sometimes chaotic lives.

But to all the loved ones of children with ADHD or special needs today, I want to say to you … take the day to simply exist with your child. Kiss their little noses. Run your fingers through their hair. Hold them close. Imagine how intentional God was when He formed that child, and remember why you are thankful for the fact that this child is alive and breathing.


Take today to be thankful for your children’s presence in your life, with or without ADHD, and see them as a human being with unique qualities. Thank God for the fact that … whoever carried that child in their womb … they chose to keep him. They continued with that pregnancy, even though it was hard, exhausting, nauseating, and a million other hard things.

Thank God for sustaining the life of your child every single morning and every single night. Thank Him for giving you another day with your child because not all families were granted that luxury today.

And make no mistake about it. Having our children in our lives is a luxury. Having them healthy and full and growing … that is a luxury. It’s a blessing that not everyone has.


There are people who yearn to have children. There are people who long to have their children back. There are people who are terrified of losing the children they currently have because they live in a place that is so unsafe.

Pray for your brothers and sisters around the world and be thankful for your own blessings.

For those of us who love a child with ADHD, today let’s be thankful for every minute detail about them. I know most of us usually are anyway, but today, let’s be even more intentional about it. Let’s spend a few minutes staring at the little faces we love so much. Let’s watch them take apart a clock and be in awe at how complex their brain is. Let’s watch them jump off of boulders and be amazed at their strength and coordination.

Let’s be blown away by their growth and continued existence because it truly is a miracle.

God chose to form each of our children uniquely, wonderfully, and purposefully, and He allows us to witness those unique, wonderful moments of purpose every single day. He has our children’s names written on the palm of His hand, and He loves them as much as we do. He loves them perfectly.


He knew them before He formed them in our wombs, which means He grieves every time we grieve, He laughs every time we laugh, and He appreciates all the little moments we appreciate.

Go give your ADHD kids a kiss today, and tell them you love them exactly as they are.


(The views expressed in this blog are solely the opinion of the author, W. R. Cummings, and in no way reflects the views of Psych Central or its affiliates.)

Be Amazed By Your Child’s Existence Today

W. R. Cummings

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