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To Anyone with ADHD… Here’s Why We Love You


This week, I came across a news story that made me cry. It was about a six-year-old boy who was afraid his Autism would land him on the naughty list for Christmas.

Santa, however, told the little boy it’s okay to be himself and that he’ll never get put on the naughty list for things he can’t help.

(You can read the full story here.)

I loved that story. It reminded me of my precious nephew who has a myriad of “differences” to work through every day. It reminded me that sometimes we just need someone to encourage our strengths instead of highlighting our weaknesses.

People with ADHD, in particular, need to know that people see beyond the diagnosis… so I decided to ask people what their favorite things were about the person in their life who has ADHD.

Here’s what they said:

Mother to her ADHD daughter (Ruby to Sophia): “Oh that’s easy. Her independence. She’s so strong about who she is.”

Dad to his adopted ADHD son (Yancy to Felix): “The unconditional love he gives, and the random things that come out of his mouth… which I guess are his interpretations of the world around him.”

Grandma to her great-grandson (Virginia to Felix): “I love that he’s so literal. One time, we were out eating at a Chinese restaurant when he opened a fortune cookie that said he would get a lot of money soon. He looked around the room and then looked up at me. He said, ‘I don’t see any moneys.’ I’ve never laughed so hard.”

One friend to another (Whitney to Ashley): “She’s the most loyal person I’ve ever met.”

Son to his ADHD father (Andrew to Marty): “My favorite thing about dad has pretty much always been his quirky sense of humor, and that he’s quick to laugh. Not sure if the two are related, but people who can see the humor in life are fun people to be around.”

Son to his ADHD father (Garrett to Marty): “I love playing games with him. I love that he put a lot of effort into learning and enjoying the different sports I played growing up. I love that when he walks through a room, he gets distracted by whatever’s on the TV and will stand there watching it for twenty minutes before he realizes he was supposed to be going to the kitchen. I love that he’s always been so kind and understanding with me, even when I made the wrong choices. He’s always been there to pick me back up when I needed it.”

Grandpa to his ADHD grandson (Darin to Felix): “His honesty, his big heartedness, and his love for his Papa.”

One sister to another (Megan to Ashley): “Her sensitivity and love for others.”

Mother to her ADHD daughter (Deanna to Ashley): “I totally agree with Megan. Ashley is also extremely sentimental!! I love that.”

Grandma to her ADHD grandson (Katherine to Felix): “His hair for one. *laughs* I love that he has the biggest and softest heart anyone can imagine. His love in unconditional. His curiosity in life and everything around him. I love that he pretends like I haven’t given him a goodbye hug yet, just so he can get another one.”

Wife to her ADHD husband (Bev to Marty): “He loves to touch and be close. Cuddles are delightful! Probably has something to do with his needing to keep his hands busy. I consider it a bonus!”

Mother to her ADHD son (Susie to Mike): “There are so many things I adore about him. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE his sense of humor, which he didn’t develop until he was around 13. He was not a child who could joke around at all before then, but once he started developing that sense, he just blossomed with it. He’s hilarious and has the most contagious laugh and smile. I also love his understated intelligence. He honestly doesn’t realize just how very smart he is, still thinks of himself as a dummy from all those years of struggling in school. I also love how laid back he can be. He’s not that easy to rattle, and that’s a good thing. I love how quick he is – spotting things, catching things, witty comebacks – he’s quick! All of it comes together to make him who he is. I can’t pick just one thing I love most. I love the whole package.”

One friend to another (Garrett to Mike): “He shows his friends unending loyalty.”

Mother-in-law to her ADHD son-in-law: “He’s got the biggest heart of anyone I know. When the house burnt down, he was there to help with clean up. The first day, tears ran down his face.”

Wife to ADHD husband (Anonymous): “He is always great at reminding me to be positive and see the bright side. He isn’t overly optimistic, just one to remind me there’s always an unknown purpose behind every situation.”

Mother to her ADHD sons (Chelle to Kameron and Patrick):“What do I love most about my boys? It’s the kindness and love they have… the amount of patience they have when working with me to help them. When they were younger, so many mothers would tell me, ‘You’re so patient. I couldn’t keep up with them!’ But in the midst of my exhaustion, all I could think was how exhausted my boys must’ve been. Every day, they struggled to please their parents and follow the rules at home and at school, all while battling against their own impulses. I love their hearts. I applaud their determination. I’m eternally grateful for their forgiveness when even I forget that mistakes happen.”

Teacher to her ADHD students (Mrs. Parker): “I love their creativity! It is amazing to see what they can do!! I also love how excited they would get during different activities. Each child still had their own personality so what would help one might be different for others. It made me be more creative too!”

Father to his ADHD son (Blaine to Mike): “I love everything about him, but I really love his sense of humor.”

Sister to her ADHD brother (Victoria to Eagle): “He has had a really rough time after our parents died. When he was five, our dad died. When he was eight, our mom died. He went through all of that while trying to manage ADHD and ODD… but he really is the most loving kid! He lives for family and video games.”

Teacher to her ADHD students (Mrs. Skimbo): “They’re smiling 99% of the time. They’re some of the most creative students in the classroom! They’re always moving… multi-tasking masters! Not everyone can do two things at once.”

Mother to her ADHD son (Carrie to Curtis): “Honestly, his sense of humor and huge heart. He’s always trying to make people smile. He views most things in life with humor and is able to make you feel comfortable in any situation.”

Daughter to her ADHD father (Amber to Cedric): “His creativity. He makes beautiful wood bowls, cutting boards, and funny face carvings. Just knowing that my dad has made something like that makes me so happy!!! Gives me a feeling like, ‘Yeah my dad made that. What does yours do?’ He has so many wonderful ideas. If someone would just listen to some of his ideas, they’d be blown away.”

Father to his ADHD daughter (Cedric to Amber): “Her determination. Her competitive spirit. That she can do anything she sets her mind to. I know she is strong and will never be a victim.”

One tiny cousin to another (Emery to Felix): “I love that Felix plays with me. We always share everything. I feel really happy when he hugs me.”

Mother to her ADHD son (Victoria S. to Mark, Jr.): “His sense of humor!”

Father to his ADHD son (Mark S. to Mark, Jr.): “He’s an excellent outdoorsman. My hunting and trapping buddy! Shot his first deer when he was 8 at 200 yards. Hoorah!”

Wife to her ADHD husband (Heather to Justin): “I love how hardworking and dedicated he is.”

Aunt to her ADHD nephew (Whitney to Felix): “His non-stop, exhilarated joy. Just being in the same room with him makes me want to climb mountains and sing praises.”

One friend to another (Biaka to Mark N.): “Mark is the kind of friend that inspires me, encourages me, and teaches me in the way that he lives, works, and loves others. I imagine that if everyone in the world had a Mark in their life, we’d all be working harder to take care of each other… Or watch way more nerdy, obscure movies, which is a win-win.”

Mother to her ADHD son (Tiffany to Felix): “I love how peculiar he is. I love that he sees the world in a way that no one else does and he thrives that way. I love that he is so absolutely unpredictable. And that he teaches me more about life than I could ever teach him. I love the way he has called me “MOM!” since he was 7 months old and has never called me anything else. I love his heart and his hair. I love the way he scrunches his nose whenever he finds something he really loves and his immediate reaction to figure those things out. I love that he says funny things like, ‘beef turkey,’ and, ‘vegtavles.’ I love how he tells me that his favorite part in Llama Llama Red Pajama is when the little llama freaks out and needs his mama, every single time we read the book (which has been read approximately 6,792 times over the past 3 years). I love that he is only four and knows and loves God more than I have ever been capable of. But mostly I really love that his presence in this life makes the world a way better place and that, for whatever reason, God chose me to be his mom.”

To Anyone with ADHD… Here’s Why We Love You

W. R. Cummings

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