To The Parent of an ADHD Child

To my sister who has the son with ADHD,

When your baby was small, we knew he was different. He cried more than other babies and we didn’t know why. Then he crawled sooner than other babies and we started to speculate about why. Then...


Childhood ADHD Plus Anxiety

Did you know about one in four children who have ADHD also have an anxiety disorder?

And did you know that about 60% of people who have ADHD as children will never "outgrow" the disorder, which means they'll continue to show symptoms throughout adulthood? And did you know that, of those adults 60% of ADHD adults, about half of them have an anxiety disorder? That's a huge percentage of the ADHD population dealing with chronic...


My Big Fat ADHD “Discovery”

This week, I set out to make a discovery.

I planned to take a poll among a large group of people with ADHD and ask them this: "When you were a child, were you more or less willing to play alone than your peers?"

Or if I was talking to the parent of an ADHD child, I would ask them this:

"Is your child more or less willing to play alone than their peers?"



The Correlation Between ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids

Picture this:

I've gathered a room full of people who all have children with ADHD. I ask them, "Does anyone in here have a child with ADHD who is hypersensitive to stimulation--lights, sounds, touches, smells, emotions, If so, raise your hand." Do you know how many hands would go up? More than half of the hands in the room.

While many people assume that their child's hypersensitivity is merely another symptom of their ADHD, there's...


Is Change Harder For Kids With ADHD?

I hear this a lot.

"My son/daughter has ADHD so change is really, really hard for him/her." While it is true that consistency, especially when it comes to scheduling, is usually the most beneficial for kids with ADHD (see "Children with ADHD"), we must ask certain questions about these statements. Is change hard for all kids with ADHD or only some of them? Which types of things do they struggle to change? Is...


The Strengths of Kids Who Have ADHD

All our kids have strengths, but kids with ADHD have unique sets of strengths. Kids with Hyperactive-Impulsive Type ADHD have a certain set of strengths, while kids with Inattentive Type ADHD have a different set. Regardless, these kids are awesome. Here are some of the strengths I've noticed!

Strengths of kids with Hyperactive-Impulsive Type ADHD:

1. Speed

If you've ever met a kid with this type of ADHD, you've noticed this quality about them ......