The Two Faces of Anger: How to Turn Anger into Love

Back in the eighties, the personal growth movement and certain schools of therapy said that if you’re feeling angry, you should share it with the other person, just dump it on him or her, leaving the other person a mere puddle on the ground. This was supposed to help you release your anger. Maybe it even worked. Maybe it gave you a momentary rush of power and feeling of being in control. However, it was a quick fix that helped
you feel better in the moment but that did nothing to address the wreckage you left behind.


The Most Important Thing to Bring to Your Spouse’s Office Holiday Party

Holiday season is in full swing and with that comes the office and family holiday parties, and all the
obligations that come with them when you’re in a relationship. Taking a moment to review the
top 5 things couples usually think about before a holiday party, and consider these simple changes,
won’t just ensure you have a great time at the party, but will strengthen your relationship, too!


Why Do I Keep Driving Love Away? (And How to Stop)

No matter where we are in a relationship—newly dating or married for decades—we all want love and we all want connection. So what is it about conflict, uncertainty or disappointment with a partner that always seems to disconnect us and drive love away?

If you're still dancing the “come-close-go away” with someone you care about, or just sabotaged yet another promising romance, maybe it's time to look at what you're doing and try something new.


Welcome to LoveFix: Repair & Restore Your Relationship

Many relationships suffer from troubles as they age -- it's more common than most people know. That's because relationships take energy and effort from both parties, and sometimes life gets in the way. We put our relationship's health on the back-burner, believing it will always be there. But without careful nurturing and attention, relationships can wither on the vine -- just like anything else in our lives.

That's why I'm pleased to welcomed Dr....