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3 Ways To Succeed In College With ADHD: Part II


In my previous article, I discussed three ways for college students to succeed with ADHD.  They include being realistic, working hard and playing later, and going to class.  In this article, I will describe three more ways for students with ADHD to succeed at college.  They include: using a calendar, getting plenty of sleep, in addition to joining a club.

Use A Calender

According to, the first tip to succeed with ADHD in college is to use a calender.  When you are in college, you have many assignments due.  It is important to stay organized with ADHD.  This way when you have a test or a paper coming up you know when to be prepared.


In addition to using a calender, according to, the second tip to succeeding with ADHD is to sleep.  This is especially important for individuals with ADHD as they can become restless.  If you have an exam or a lot of assignments due the the next day, it is important to not pull an all nighter to study.  Study ahead of time.  Get plenty of sleep.  Be well rested for the exam the next day.  You will see the difference in your exam score in contrast to if you pull an all nighter.  Do not make this mistake.

Join A Club

In addition to using a calender and getting plenty of sleep before exams, according to, it is important to join a club.  Individuals with ADHD can lack social skills.  Joining a club at college can enable individuals with ADHD to improve upon their social skills and gain interest in a topic they already have some interest in or expand upon a topic they know nothing about.  Either way they are making new friends, joining a club, and expanding interest and knowledge on a topic they already know about or do not know nothing about and will gain some general knowledge about.


To end this specific article, three specific tips have been mentioned for college students with ADHD.  College can be a difficult time for anyone.  However, for students with ADHD, it can be an extremely strenuous and stressful time in their lives.  I have mentioned three tips for college students to succeed at college.  They include: using a calender, getting plenty of sleep prior to exams, in addition to joining a club to gain some social involvement with friends and fellow peers.  Go for it!

3 Ways To Succeed In College With ADHD: Part II

Lauren Walters

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