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3 Benefits Of Exercise For Individuals With ADHD


Do you suffer from ADHD?  Are you looking for an activity to help you focus and stay calm throughout the day?  Have you tried exercising?  You do not have to run a marathon to experience the benefits of exercising.  Simply go for a 20 minute run or a walk daily.  This article will describe 3 benefits of exercise.  They include: enabling individuals to have structure in their routines, releasing endorphins, and achieving a state of calmness.

Exercise Enables Individuals To Have Structure In Their Daily Routines

On a first note, exercise enables individuals with ADHD to have structure in their daily routines.  Simply stated, you can go for a short run or walk at a set time during the day.  This way, you will get in the general routine of exercising.  This is especially important for individuals with ADHD as disorganization is a symptom of ADHD.  Exercising at a set time will become a habit.  You will not even have to think about it. Just start exercising.  It will become routine.

Exercising releases Endorphins

On a second note, in addition to to having structure in one’s routine, exercising also releases endorphins.  When you release endorphins you feel calmer.  This is especially important for individuals with ADHD as they can become hyperactive and jittery.  Try considering incorporating exercise into your general routine.  You will feel better.

Exercising Enables Individuals To Achieve A State Of Calmness

On a third note, in addition to having a set structured time to exercise and release endorphins, exercising also enables individuals to achieve a state of calmness.  This is important because ADHD can contribute to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.  If you do not like to go for a run or a walk, join a gym and do cardio.  Do something.  This way you will start to engage in exercise and start to feel better and more calmer.


To end this specific article, three benefits of exercise have been mentioned, specifically for individuals with ADHD to encourage them to exercise more.  The three benefits of exercise for individuals with ADHD are: having a set time to exercise in the morning, afternoon, or at night time, exercise releases endorphins, in addition to exercise enables individuals to achieve a state of calmness.  All three of these benefits are practical strategies to achieve a state of general relaxation through exercising daily.  Continue giving exercise a try to experience these benefits for yourself.


3 Benefits Of Exercise For Individuals With ADHD

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