Do you suffer from ADHD as an adult?  Do you procrastinate?  This article will focus on tips for adults with ADHD to finish tasks.

Work With A Partner

According to, work with a buddy.  According to this article, it’s a lot easier to complete tasks if you have a partner.  You’ll be less bored and you’ll be more likely to complete the tasks together as a group.  According to this article, you can ask a family member help you do the laundry with you or cook dinner.

Race The Clock

According to, another tip to prevent procrastinating with adult ADHD is to race the clock.  What does this mean?  For instance, set yourself a time limit to complete tasks.  According to psych central, set a stop watch and see how many e-mails you can send.

Create Reminders

According to, another way to prevent procrastination with adult ADHD is to create reminders.  Create post it notes around your desk.  This will aid as a reminder of the things to complete for future tasks.

Have A Clear Finish Line

According to, another way to prevent procrastination with adult ADHD is to have a clear finish line.  Have a goal in mine when completing tasks.  Have a deadline.  According to, ask yourself, “What do I want the end to actually look like before I go in there to make something happen?”

Start Small

According to, another tip for adults with ADHD to stop procrastinating is to start small.  According to psych central, if you are working on your garage, start by clearing off your work table.  If you are working on your room, start by clearing off your dresser drawer. Take tiny steps.  You will see progress.

Know When To Move On

According to, another step to stop procrastinating with Adult ADHD is to know when to move on.  If you are getting overwhelmed with a task, take a break.  Start a new task once you have cleared your mind.  According to,  “Sometimes, the best thing is to cut your losses, and move on.”


To end this article, six specific tips have been mentioned to deal with the general stress associated with ADHD and enable Adults with ADHD to lessen procrastination.  They include working with a partner, racing the clock, creating reminders, having a clear finish line, starting small, in addition to knowing when to move on.