In my previous article I discussed three ways to improve children’s reading over the summer months.  In this article, I will discuss three more ways for children with ADHD to improve their reading over the summer months.

As A Parent Read Yourself

On a first note, set an example for your child.  As a parent, read yourself.  If your child sees you reading, he/she will want to read.  According to, the following can be mentioned:

Do your kids see the adults in the house reading?  It’s tough to tell someone else to read, or to suggest reading is fun, if they’re not seeing you engaged in it.  Remember, if you are reading on a device your children may think you are texting, gaming, or shopping.  Reading is probably as healthy for adults as children, so for that reason too make sure children in your house see their parents reading books.

Set Screen Limits

On a second note, set limits with the ipad and phone.  If your child learns that he/she cannot spend all day using technology, he/she will learn to appreciate reading.  According to, the following can be stated:

With clear down time defined in the household, children return to more traditional activities, like reading.  If allowed to default to screens whenever bored, most children will.  When the rules are ambiguous, not only will they push you more (maybe if I fight harder I will get the iPad after all), but the possibility of screen time may keep them from bothering to find something else to do.  They’ll hover and brood and come back and ask about plugging in once again.  Define how much and when is OK in your home, as you would around dessert, or in creating a weekend curfew.   With time and patience, reading will fill the gaps for free time created in their day.

Make Reading A Priority In Your Home

On a third note, make reading a priority in your home.  If your children know that reading is important to you, they will soon learn that it is important to them.  It is that simple.


To end this article, this article has focused on three specific strategies to improve children’s reading skills over the summer months.  They include having parents read themselves, setting screen limits, as well as making reading a priority in your home.  Consider using these strategies to improve your child’s reading skills.