Are you looking for ways for your child to improve his/her reading during the summer?  If so, continue reading this article to find out.  This article will provide ways for children with ADHD to improve their reading during the summer months.

Have Lots Of Books Around The House

If you want your child to become a good reader, it is simple.  Have lots of books around the house.  According to, the following can be noted:

As novelty seeking is a part of ADHD, aim to have piles of books and change them often.  Kids with ADHD need new titles to explore.  They sometimes read only parts of books and go back.  Or they may want to return to the same book over and.  Consider making the library a family event.  Try going once weekly and letting your kids select whatever grabs their attention.  Books should be easy enough to appeal and provide enjoyment, without worrying about much else—any reading is good reading.

Make Reading A Part Of Family Time

On a second note, make reading a part of family time.  Make reading a family activity.  According to, the following can be stated:

Read books to your children that captivate them.  Talk about the story but don’t make it a lesson—just show your own excitement and curiosity.   Reading together provides social and emotional comfort too. Tacking reading time onto bedtime can be a useful way to get children to choose reading voluntarily.  Bedtime is 8:30 but they can read until 9:00 (not draw, not write, not any other activity).  Otherwise, turn the lights out and kiss them goodnight.

Make Reading A Game

On a third note, this is where behavior therapy comes into play.  Make reading a game that is fun.  According to, the following can be mentioned:

Pick something fun to earn, and create your own reading race for the summer.  Consider participating yourself.


To end this specific article, three strategies have been mentioned to improve a child’s reading skills over the summer months.  They include but are not limited to having lots of books around the house, making reading a part of family time, in addition to making reading a game.  When you have a lot of books around the house, reading will become a priority for your child.  When you make reading a part of family time, reading will be fun.  When you give your child a gift after reading, reading will be rewarding.