Are you an adult with ADHD?  Have you been lacking motivation recently?  Are you looking for motivation?  Continue reading this article to find helpful tips to regain motivation with adult ADHD.

Realize That Motivation Is Needless

According to, the first tip to become motivated with Adult ADHD is to realize that motivation is needless.  Psych Central uses the example of taking out the trash.  If you see taking out the trash as a chore,  why are you going to take out the trash?  Instead, just take out the trash.  Instead, of seeing daily tasks as a chore, see them as a part of your daily routine, and they will be more natural parts of your lifestyle.

Do It Because You Can

According to, the second tip to become motivated with Adult ADHD is doing it because you can.  Psych Central uses the example of raking the leaves.  Psych central explains that if one is physically capable of raking the leaves they should go out and rake the leaves.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Create Urgency

On a third note, according to, the third tip to stay motivated with Adult ADHD is to create urgency in your life. Psych Central notes many tasks don’t have deadlines.  This article adds that the lack of deadlines leads to procrastination of tasks.  Psych Central suggests waiting until 15 minutes before your favorite show starts to wash the mound of dishes in the sink.  As a result, you will not procrastinate.  You only have 15 minutes to wash the dishes, and they will be washed in 15 minutes flat.

Create A List Of Must-Dos

On a fourth note, according to, it has been recommended to create a list of must-dos.  As a result, psych central states that it is important to make your list short.  With that said, you are guaranteed to finish your list.  To explain further, if you have a long list, you are likely to procrastinate and not complete your list of tasks.


On a final note, four strategies or tips have been mentioned to enable adults with ADHD to remain motivated.  According to, they include: Realizing That Motivation Is Needless, Doing It Because You Can, Creating Urgency, in addition to Creating A List Of Must-Dos.  With these four strategies listed above, adults with ADHD are likely to live more sufficient, productive lives and get tasks completed in a shorter time-frame.