Do you have a child with ADHD?  Are you looking for ways for your child to maintain structure this memorial day weekend?  Continue reading this article to find more ways to maintain structure in your child’s life.

Plan A Play Date With One Of Your Child’s Friends

On a first note, one way to maintain structure in your child’s life with ADHD this memorial day weekend is to plan a play date with your child’s friend.  Consider having the play date at the friend’s house or even at your local community park.  Have the play date anywhere fun.  May sure the play date is outside too.  The warm weather is fast approaching.  You want your child and your child’s friend to enjoy the weather outside.  May it a day event.  Have lunch outside, as well.

Go On A Family Vacation

On a second note, consider going on a family vacation.  Now that it is memorial day weekend.  Consider going to your local beach.  Make it a weekend event.  It will be a fun event for your child and your whole family.  Plus, it will enable your child to have structure in his/her weekend routine.  You can also go on the board walk.  Enjoy the beach and the board walk this memorial day weekend.

Sit Outside In Your Back Yard And Enjoy The Nice Warm Weather

On a third note, if you do not want to have a play date or go away for the weekend, consider enjoying the nice, warm weather with your child in your own back yard.  Go to the local library and check out a book and sharpen up on your child’s reading skills.  You can also go to the local food store and buy cold cuts and have a nice picnic in your back yard.  Make it a day event for you and your child now that the weather is warmer.  Have a nice memorial day weekend outside enjoying the weather.


To end this specific article, this article has focused on specific tips for your child to enjoy memorial day weekend and maintain structure in his/her daily routine with ADHD.  On a first note, consider setting up a play date for your child and his/her friend.  On a second note, consider going on a family vacation for memorial day weekend.  You can go to the beach and the board walk.  On a final note, consider enjoying the nice weather with you and your child in your back yard.