In my previous article, I discussed four ways for children with ADHD to maintain structure in their routine’s over the summer months.  This article will expand upon this topic and explore more ways for children with ADHD to maintain structure in their daily routines during the summer months.

ADHD Summer Camp

One way to maintain structure in your child’s routine during the summer months is to enroll your child in ADHD summer camp.  What are the benefits of ADHD summer camp?  According to, the following can be stated about ADHD summer camp:

The most obvious, but often overlooked benefit of a summer at camp is that campers expend so much energy each day, having so much fun that they are exhausted by bedtime! Being physically tired, after a great day is one of the best non-medical approaches we’ve ever seen to help kids manage their ADHD. Campers sleep well when they’ve walked several kilometers each day to activities, games, and adventures. Interestingly, campers often take this increased interest in physical activity home with them, giving parents one more non-medical way to help kids and teens with ADHD thrive.

Go To The Pool With Your Child

In addition to enrolling your child in ADHD summer camp, consider going to the local community pool with your child.  This will enable your child to enjoy the outdoors and have fun in the water.  Especially if he/she is hyperactive, your child will be able to burn off energy, while playing in the water.

Schedule A Family Trip

On a third note, consider scheduling a family trip.  Consider going on a cruise or even somewhere where there is a water park.  Make it fun.  School is out for the summer.  Make it enjoyable for your whole family, including your child.  Make it a bonding time for your whole family to spend more time together and relax and enjoy the warm weather during the summer months.


To end this specific article, this article has provided readers with three specific tips for children with ADHD to have more structure in their daily routines during the summer months, now that the summer is fast approaching.  These three tips include, but are not limited to, going to ADHD summer camp, going to the local community pool, in addition to scheduling a family trip.  If you are a parent, these three tips will add structure to your child’s summer routine.