The summer is fast approaching, and the school year is very structured for kids with ADHD.  Are you looking for a structured summer for your child with ADHD?  If so, continue reading this article for some tips to keep a structured routine for your child during the summer.

Take A Visit To Your Local Park

On a first note, consider taking a visit to your local park to have more structure in your child’s routine.  Let your child play in the park.  If your child is hyperactive, this will enable him/her to burn off energy.  You can even have your child bring a friend to the park.  This will make your child’s visit to the park more fun.  In addition to playing in the park, you and your child’s friend can also have a picnic lunch in the park.  You can make a whole day adventure out of spending a day in the park.

Go To The Library

On a second note, you and your child can go to your local library and pick out a few books to read.  Since summer is fast approaching and the weather is becoming warmer, you do not have to read inside with your child.  You can read in your backyard.  This will enable your child to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.

Go To The Beach

On a third note, another way to establish more structure in your child’s routine during the summer with ADHD is to go to the beach.  This will burn off a lot of energy for your child.  Plus, everyone enjoys the beach.  It will enable your child to enjoy a nice, sunny day at the beach.  He/she can swim in the ocean and play in the sand.

Have A Play Date With A Friend

On a fourth and final note, another way to have more structure in your child’s routine with ADHD is to have a play date with one of your child’s friends.  This enables your child to work on their social skills and maintain friendships that he/she has developed during the school year.


To end this article, this article has provided readers with four specific tips to provide structure in the routine of a child with ADHD during the summer months.  They include taking a visit to your local park, going to the library, going to the beach, and having a play date.