Are you considering sending your child to a behavior therapist for ADHD?  Consider reading this article to find out how you can apply the techniques your child learns in a therapy session to your own home.

Make Sure Your Child Understands The Rules

On a first note, make sure your child understands what your therapist is teaching and explaining to your child.  Make sure that your child can implement this routine in your child’s own home.  According to, the following can be mentioned:

Telling a child to “do this” or to “avoid doing that” is not enough. To ensure that your child knows the rules cold, create lists and post them around the house. For example, you might draw up a list detailing the specific things your child must do to get ready for school.

Make sure the rules are worded clearly. Go over the rules to make sure he understands, and review them as necessary. Stick with the routines until your child has them down.

Give Clear Commands

On a second note, make sure that your child’s therapist is giving clear commands to your child.  Ask if you can sit in one of your child’s sessions.  See if you can observe the style of the therapist and see if this is a good match for your child.  According to, the following can be mentioned:

First, say your child’s name to make sure you have his attention. Then tell him exactly what you want him to do. If you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store, for instance, you might say, “Steve, stand next to me and do not touch anything.” It’s not enough to tell your child to “be good,” because he may not know what that entails. Finally, state the consequences for disobeying the command — and always follow through.

Don’t Expect Perfection

On a third note, make sure your child’s therapist isn’t a drill sergeant.  In addition, make sure you aren’t one at home too.  According to, the following can be noted:

Strike a balance between praising your child and offering criticism. A good rule of thumb is to praise your child for doing something well at least five times as often as you criticize bad behavior.


To end this specific article, this article has provided parents three specific tips to implement behavior therapy in the home, in addition to a therapeutic setting.