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Steps To Practice Mindfulness With ADHD


What is Mindfulness?  According to, “Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.”  This article will describe the steps to practice mindfulness for individuals with ADHD.

Get Comfortable

When you are practicing a mindfulness routine, it is important to get comfortable.  Do not think too much about the routine.  Just practice the routine.  According to, the following can be noted:

Many meditation books and teachers warn you to avoid getting too comfortable, because you might fall asleep. Our thought is that if you fall asleep, you probably need to sleep. If you got relaxed enough to fall asleep… terrific! If you are concerned that you will sleep the day away and miss work, set an alarm.

Choose A Focus Point For Yourself

If you are practicing a mindfulness routine, choose a focus point for yourself.  Maybe a painting on the wall will do.  According to, the following can be stated:

Choose a focus for yourself, something to listen to or watch while you meditate. Some people pay attention to their breathing, while others repeat a word or phrase in their minds. You can make it up. One of our favorites is “let go.” You can also use a visual focus, such as a candle flame.

With ADHD, some of us are more visually distractible, others are more distracted by sounds. Find out what works best for you.

You can also use music as your focus. Steven Halpern’s music is especially good for meditation. We recommend that any music you choose be instrumental — it is too easy for you to get caught up in lyrics.


To conclude this particular article, this article has described two specific strategies to practice mindfulness skills for individuals with ADHD.  They include, but are not limited to, getting comfortable and choosing a focus point.  When you are comfortable, your mind wanders less.  You are less focused on external factors and are more focused on the present moment.  This also bodes well for when you have a focused point.  Consider getting comfortable and having a focused point when you are meditating especially if you suffer from ADHD.  You will see the benefit in the long run.


Steps To Practice Mindfulness With ADHD

Lauren Walters

My name is Lauren Walters. I am currently heading into my final semester of graduate school for Mental Health Counseling in the Spring of 2016. Through my own experiences with mental illness, I love to inspire others through my writings and reassure them that they can live healthy, productive lives, despite mental illness. I hope you enjoy my articles. Feel free to comment. I will be sure to respond to you questions and/or comments in a prompt manner. Enjoy!

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