In my previous article, I discussed three tips to manage college life with ADHD.  They included asking for help when need, using technological devices, in addition to discovering your own learning style.  In this article, I will provide three more strategies for college students with ADHD to succeed.  They include knowing that you have options, checking out professors before signing up for courses, and also having a class syllabus.

Knowing you have options

It is important to know you have options in college.  For instance, you do not always have to study in your dorm room.  You can study in the dorm lounge or even in the library.  This is just one instance.  According to, the following can be stated:

Common help that may make it easier for you to study, take notes, and do other tasks in college can include early registration, waived/modified placement exams, using (free) note-takers in class, free tutoring, additional time on assignments or tests, and extra time with professors. Help may vary from school to school and student to student. Check with your student disability support office to find out what services are available at your school.

Check Out Professors Before Signing Up For Classes

In addition, it also important to check out professors before signing up for courses.  Consider using rate my professor.  According to, the following can be stated:

A website like may help you decide if a professor matches your needs. Professors can vary in their acceptance and understanding of ADHD. The staff at your support services provider may also be helpful in the course selection process and with identifying professors who have worked well with students with ADHD in the past.

Get A Class Syllabus For The Course

Having a class syllabus for the course is always essential.  Try to get the professors e-mail before the course starts.  According to, the following can be noted:

A syllabus will have information on schedules, assignments, and due dates for a particular class. Think of the syllabus as the ultimate guide to your class. The syllabus is usually handed out on the first day of class and may be posted online. You will be responsible for the information in the syllabus and any changes the professor makes to it. It helps to capture the important dates from the syllabus and put them in a planner to keep track of your schedule.


To conclude this article, three strategies have been mentioned to help individuals with ADHD in college.  They include knowing you have options, checking out professors before the course begins, and obtaining a class syllabus.

Photo by Sean MacEntee