Are you stressed out?  Does your child have ADHD?  Are you wondering how do you handle this situation?  This article will provide tips on this specific topic.

Don’t Turn Your Child’s ADHD Into An Excuse

Let’s say your child comes home from school and hands you a failing grade on a test.  You are upset with your child and blame it on your child’s ADHD.  Instead why don’t you say to yourself, “Maybe this was a hard test.  My child tried his or her best.  He or she will do better next time.”  When you use your child’s ADHD as an excuse for your child’s poor performance in school, your child’s self-esteem is going to decrease.  This will make your child feel worse.  According to webmd, the following can be noted:

Yes, ADHD makes many tasks harder, but children should learn to take responsibility, Meyer says.

“Don’t let them make ADHD an excuse for something.,” Meyer says.

“For example, many young children quickly learn to say things, such as, “I don’t need to do my homework because I have an attention deficit disorder,” Meyer says. “That’s not going to cut it.”

The reality? “It may be harder for me to do my homework because I have an attention deficit disorder.”

Help Your Child Discover Their Strengths

Say for instance your child may not be a great math student.  So what.  Instead, he/she could be a fantastic English student and receive A’s on all his/her assignments.  Instead of focusing on your child’s weaknesses, focus on your child’s strengths.  According to webmd, the following can be mentioned:

Children with ADHD are often compared unfavorably to others. Hence, some develop low self-esteem and depression, Meyer says.

Problems with self-esteem occur as early as age 8, says Quinn. Many teens with ADHD, especially if undiagnosed, develop a learned helplessness. “They say, ‘Nothing ever goes right for me. Why should I even bother to try?’ There’s a lot of demoralization and depression that goes along with it,” Quinn says.


To conclude this specific article, this article has provided readers with two specific strategies for parents to handle situations with their child with ADHD.  It can be difficult at times to handle the daily stressors associated with ADHD.  However, consider using the tips in this article as a parent to help you and your child do better in the classroom and at home, as well.